My Story

Marketing Strategy and Leadership

My Story

Early Influences and Career Beginnings

My tech journey began in the ’80s when I got my first computer, a Commodore 64, and dove into the world of online bulletin board systems. College introduced me to early Internet protocols like Gopher, FTP, and Telnet, sparking my fascination with the evolving digital realm. In 1995, I ventured into website development, eventually launching a hosting company, igniting my passion for marketing and embracing the transformative power of the internet. I pursued my MBA, combining these passions, specializing in Computer Information Systems and Marketing.

Rick Ramos in the 80s
Rick Ramos in Lake Tahoe

Professional Journey

In the late ’90s, I joined Virtumundo, an ad-tech company running Treeloot, the first multiplayer CGI-baed game. I became the largest online media buyer running marketing for the company, rocketing it to the 17th largest website in the world. As the internet landscape evolved, I played pivotal roles in various companies, propelling growth and navigating industry shifts. I’ve led marketing at Matchmaker/, V2 Ventures (formally Adknowledge) an adtech roll-up company, growing revenue from $20M to $200M, and Adiant, the first content syndication company. I later joined HealthJoy, a healthtech company, pre-seed and led marketing at their CMO. The company is reportedly valued at $500M and raised $108M in venture funding.

Current Role and Achievements

I authored two best-selling books, “Content Marketing” and “Transform Your Marketing,” shaping my reputation as an industry expert. I also founded Transform Your Marketing, a marketing agency aimed at revolutionizing strategies and propelling businesses forward based on the strategy from the book.

Rick Ramos in Company Party