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Rick Ramos is a seasoned professional who has made significant contributions to the tech industry. As the former CMO of HealthJoy, a healthtech company, he played a pivotal role in propelling the company from pre-seed to Series D. He witnessed exponential growth from inception to a staggering valuation of $500 million on Crunchbase, coupled with securing $108 million in funding. Prior to this, his journey included pivotal roles at Adiant, the pioneering content syndication ad-tech company, where he fueled growth from $4 million to $40 million in ARR.

His influence also extended to v2 Venture, an adtech roll-up firm, where he played a critical part in scaling ARR from $20 million to $200 million, collaborating with major advertisers like MetLife, Netflix, GoHealth, Merck, and others. His career started at, where he ran marketing for the first online GCI-based game and established it as the 17th largest website globally. He is also an accomplished author of two best sellers, “Content Marketing” and “Transform Your Marketing,” cementing his expertise in the field.

Latest Book

“Transform Your Marketing” is a comprehensive guide that helps you craft a beloved brand, create a strategic marketing plan, and master 33 marketing tactics for success. Say goodbye to trial-and-error approaches—this book equips you with the tools to build a solid strategy and ensure success for your business.

Transform Your Marketing Book
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PreSS and Publications

He’s a contributor to publications like Forbes, Venture Beat, Wired, Employee Benefit News, and BenefitsPro, sharing a passion for marketing and imparting knowledge.

Over the years, his insights have been featured in outlets including TechCrunch, MediaPost, American Express, Inc., Entrepreneur, and the Huffington Post. Sharing expertise and educating others about marketing is what fuels his drive.

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